Here Are the Best Wedding Dates For 2023, According to an Astrologer

Here Are the Best Wedding Dates For 2023, According to an Astrologer
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Planning a wedding? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, allow me—an astrologer—to guide you through the process. Lucky for you, I’m not planning to gatekeep the best wedding dates in 2023, especially if you’re planning to get married!

Get ready for a million decisions about little details you have never considered before. Your wedding venue asks if you would like to pay extra for charger plates and all you can think is, “what are charger plates?” Or, your seamstress asks what kind of bustle you would like for your dress and your mind immediately goes blank because, in the 21st century, outside of perhaps a costume you wore, you have never even seen one type of bustle. It can be daunting and it all starts with picking a date. Astrology can help us select the perfect date for every possible event.

In general, it’s best to look for dates where Mercury and Venus are not retrograde. When a planet is retrograde it means that, from the perspective of Earth, the planet appears to be moving backwards due to its orbit, which changes the energy astrologically. With Mercury retrograde, communication and travel tends to break down, so that can make your big day stressful. Venus, the planet of harmony and union, should be in the best condition possible when getting married. That’s why it’s usually best to avoid retrogrades like the one coming July 22, 2023 to September 3, 2023.

The moon can also be a helpful tool to use when deciding your wedding date. Of every lunar phase, the new moon can be a really great times to enter this exciting phase of your life because they represent hope and new beginnings, a great time to make a vow to your loved one. It’s recommended to avoid weddings when the moon is changing from one sign to the next, otherwise known as Void Of Course. Essentially, the moon doesn’t want you to commit during these periods (which can last a few minutes or three days) and may just go ahead and void your marriage for you, if you catch my drift. 

There are so many dates that could be the *perfect* companion to you and your partner’s personal birth charts. Take a look at the below dates, get inspired, and, if you really want to know what your most magical day could be, get a personal reading from an astrologer!

The Best Wedding Dates of 2023, According to Astrology

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January 28

Right off the bat, the beginning of the year has wonderful aspects for your wedding. Saturday, January 28th looks particularly ideal. The planet of love herself, Venus, has entered Aquarius while the planet of abundance, Jupiter, is in Aries, making a connection that creates bountiful joy. This aspect gives us good feelings and a generosity of spirit — the perfect energy for your big day! You will practically be glowing and with Cunning Mercury direct, all of the pieces will be in play for you to declare “I Do.”

February 18

February is already the most romantic month of the year, and getting married on Saturday, February 18th is sure to make your day passionate. Right before the new moon, Sexy Pluto and Charming Venus find each other in perfect harmony and intensify your love just in time for this deepening of your relationship. Meanwhile, Lucky Jupiter and Messenger Mercury are working together to make sure that there is plenty of fun and good news to go around as you tie the knot!

October 21

As a lover of magic myself, October holds a special place in my heart and, this year, it may hold a special place in yours too because Saturday, October 21st may just have you standing under that altar. A trine is one of the most auspicious aspects in astrology and on this day, Jupiter and Venus are in a perfect Trine in the earth signs of Virgo and Taurus. With these planets shining down, good fortune, ease, optimism, and love are all around! Venus and Jupiter together will make you feel like your most confident and beautiful self, with love pouring out of you. 

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Remember, all weddings have their roses and thorns, so whatever happens will become another piece of your unique love story. After all the decisions are made, you will just be glad to have everyone you love close by, celebrating you as you take this next step.

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