Happy Solar Return, Capricorn—Your January Horoscope Wants You to Embrace the New You

Happy Solar Return, Capricorn—Your January Horoscope Wants You to Embrace the New You
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Happy solar return, sea goats! According to your Capricorn horoscope for January 2023, this month wants you to embrace personal growth and self-exploration. With Pluto colliding with Capricorn season in your 1st house of the self, your personal power is developing as you slowly evolve into a new you. You may come across to others as intense, with a new look and new mannerisms to match. Don’t shy away from the change, it’s time to learn about yourself and what really makes you tick. Avoid the temptation to control the events of your life and see what comes from these natural transformations. Utilize the power surging through you with determination and grace. Release fear and embrace the new and improved version of you! 

On January 1, Venus and Pluto will hold hands in your 1st house of personal identity, heightening your need for love and affection. Together, these planets grant you a magnetic quality that attracts others to you. Just make sure to use this skill for good, giving and receiving love in equal measure. 

When the sun comes close to Pluto on January 18, there is an opportunity to take a good look at the situations in your life and make repairs where necessary. Your shadow self—the deepest parts of your personality that you tend to hide from others—should be examined and liberated. If there are mysteries in your life or secrets to be uncovered, the sun and Pluto will shed some light on the unknown. The things you learn at this venture will give you greater power to shape your life.

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Responsible Saturn—your ruling planet—has found his way to your 2nd house of values. What are your core values? What resources do you have at your disposal? What structures in your life can you put in place to build stability and security? These are the questions to ask this month as Saturn grants you the opportunity to fortify your identity. This is also a great time to work on your finances and develop a new skill. Don’t allow insecurity to cloud your judgment, though, as Saturn can be hyper-critical. Celebrate your worth, sea-goats, and use the energies of these powerful planets for your benefit!

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