Taurus—Your January Horoscope Wants You to Assert Your Independence & Set Yourself Free

Taurus—Your January Horoscope Wants You to Assert Your Independence & Set Yourself Free
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Ready for change, my routine-loving bulls? Ready or not, your Taurus horoscope for January 2023 is bringing with it new ideas and new discoveries! Eccentric Uranus has planted itself in your first house of identity and with it comes changes to your perspective and even changes in the way you look, dress, and appear to other people. This may sound scary, but it can really be a wonderful opportunity to free yourself from previously confining ways of thinking and act on personal risks you have been dying to take, whether you know it or not. Spontaneity will be your best friend as you take your first few steps into the new year!

Beginning January 5, the sun in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus will dance together harmoniously across your chart. Expect the unexpected as flashes of intuition come to you and new and exciting people make your acquaintance. You will feel that push to express the quirkiest and most unique part of yourself. This is a great time for new opportunities and exciting, positive change. When Mercury joins the dance on January 8, you’ll enjoy sharing insights and learning new things with interesting people. It may be time to start that website or begin your online classes or maybe just connect with folks you haven’t seen in awhile. 

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Venus—your planetary ruler—will bring a challenge on and around January 14 as it forms a square with Uranus. Your increased need for freedom may cause some strain in your personal relationships. Any restriction will fill you with an impulsive need to lash out. Don’t try to resist this instinct, bottling up your desires in the process. The healthy way forward is to be honest with your partner. Maybe it’s time to experiment in the bedroom, go on a trip, or experience some kind of novelty you’ve never tried! This may be just what you and your partner need to strengthen the relationship. Challenges like this allow us to grow and become a fuller version of ourselves so we can experience the best in life.

If you’re single, a new romance may be in the cards, particularly with someone who comes from a different background than you. It will probably be a fling, but it will most likely bring some new understanding about yourself and what you want. So, be your brave and beautiful self, Taurus, and see where it leads!

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