Cancer—Your January Horoscope Says You’re Building Relationships Based on Trust This Month

Cancer—Your January Horoscope Says You’re Building Relationships Based on Trust This Month
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It’s the first month of the New Year and you’re ready to make an impression! According to your Cancer horoscope for January 2023, you won’t be hiding away in your shell during this year’s Capricorn season. Instead, you’ll be standing tall, right in the center-stage.

Expansive Jupiter is shining bright in your 10th house of public reputation and telling you to go for more! It’s time for that promotion you deserve. Take concrete steps to improve your work situation or chase your dream vocation! This won’t be the pinnacle of your work achievement (Saturn will be bringing that around at a later date), this is about laying the foundation and growing your potential. Jupiter grants you the self-confidence you need, and with Venus smiling on, the forecast says good fortune is coming your way.

The full moon in Cancer falls on January 6 and ushers in a culmination of everything you put into motion since the new moon. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity asks you to evaluate your balance between public and private life, between your home life and your work life. It’s a great time to release any patterns, or people, that are holding you back. As Uranus in Taurus flows from the 11th house of your long-term goals towards the moon—your emotional planetary ruler—you will find yourself opening up to possible changes in your life with a stronger intuition than before. Trust your gut and stay open to possibilities that knock on your door. 

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On January 18, the sun and Pluto stand together in your 7th house of partnerships. These planets ask that you release fear and show your true self to your loved ones. With this aspect, you have the ability to influence the outcomes of your life, particularly in your intimate relationships. It’s time to go deep and get to the core reality. You may uncover things you did not expect to find, but worthwhile relationships will emerge from this cycle more authentic and profound. In many ways, Cancer, January will be a transformative month, bringing about so many positive opportunities for you to come into yourself!

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