Leo—Your January Horoscope Says You’re Feeling Ready For a More Serious Relationship

Leo—Your January Horoscope Says You’re Feeling Ready For a More Serious Relationship
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Attention, brave lions! Prepare for your mind to expand and for your life story to take some unexpected turns. Your Leo horoscope for January 2023 wants you to leap into this new year fearlessly, ready for whatever may come!

Right off the bat, you may embark on an exciting trip since Jupiter sails through your 9th house of travel. With Venus sending you her love on January 3 you may see some good fortune coming your way, potentially fattening up your bank account. No matter what, you are sure to dazzle your social circle with your charisma and magnetism!

Meanwhile, Saturn has taken up shop in your 7th house of partnerships, challenging you to take on more responsibility in your personal relationships. Are you ready to take the next step in your relationship? Is it time to sign the dotted line on a business partnership? Saturn will lead you to discover whether you’re truly living up to the needs of your significant one-on-one relationships. It’s time to look objectively at the situation and see where you can step it up. This comes to a culmination when Venus closes in on Saturn around January 22, highlighting any flaws there may be in the partnership. Your bond will be tested and hopefully transformed for the better. A healthy relationship will come out stronger from this trial with a greater sense of commitment. Or, it may be time to cut ties and say, “thank you, next!”

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Uranus—another game-changing outer planet—has taken root in your 10th house of career and public reputation. With this energy, you are ready to do things your own way! Uranus asks you to take the unexpected route and stand out fearlessly from the crowd. You may even discover new talents you didn’t know you possessed. You are ready to take some risks and it may just pay off, especially when the Abundant sun shines on Uranus on January 5. This is a great time to shake up your routine, meet some new people, and own your weirdness. Uranus can bring sudden changes so get ready to ride the wave, Leo!

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