Virgo—Your January Horoscope Says Your Career Is Taking Off—Here’s How to Keep Up With It

Virgo—Your January Horoscope Says Your Career Is Taking Off—Here’s How to Keep Up With It
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My dear Virgos, you’re always looking for the best way to improve yourselves! Your Virgo horoscope for January 2023 will give you the keys to unlock your potential this month. And although it may be a bumpy ride, the journey will be well worth your time.

With Mercury—your planetary ruler—retrograding as this month begins, you will need patience and care in your work. Expect the bus to arrive late, your printer to stop working and your boss to mix up your deadlines thanks to cunning Mercury. Take a breath, because by January 18, Mercury’s direct motion will melt these complications away. In the meantime, allow a few mistakes and grant yourself some extra time when possible. I know it’s hard to accept imperfection—just blame it on the planets!

When it comes to your relationships, Virgo, we look to the 7th house of significant others. This month, sensitive and disorienting Neptune makes its home there, leaving you confused when it comes to distinguishing truth from fiction. It is not the time to try and “save” someone with love. You will likely be left disappointed. Take an honest look at yourself and your partner. Don’t get lost in the fantasy, and embrace what’s real in your relationship. Lovely Venus and Mercury are favorably aspecting Neptune, granting you the opportunity for real connection and excellent communication.

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On January 13, the Capricorn sun sends positive energy to your passionate 5th house, heightening your intuition and strengthening your physical connection with the world around you. With these positive energies at your disposal, you can overcome Neptune’s uncertainty and form a deep, spiritual bond with someone. It’s time for late-night talks and cuddles with that special someone so make a date!

At the end of the month, the sun will form a nice aspect from your productive 6th house of work and lively Mars will shake things up in your 10th house of career. With your confidence soaring and your drive kicked into high gear, you will undoubtedly impress your superiors and boost your public reputation. What do you want to be known for? Whatever it is, make a plan, put the pedal to the meddle, and get it done. Persevere and make space for the things that matter and you cannot go wrong, Virgo!

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