Scorpio—Your January Horoscope Predicts Exciting Changes That Rock Your World

Scorpio—Your January Horoscope Predicts Exciting Changes That Rock Your World
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Scorpions, don’t fret, because your Scorpio horoscope for January 2023 will help you face any and all challenges coming your way. The first month of the year brings countless twists and turns, but your natural resiliency will help you through every step of the way.

This month, troublemaker Uranus, will continue revolutionizing your 7th house of partnerships. Uranus gives us an increased need for freedom. You may feel limited or restricted in your relationship. Or your partner may suddenly seem erratic or unpredictable. You may feel you can no longer rely on them. Whatever the specific challenge, if your relationship withstands the conflict, your bond will be stronger than ever. If you’re not in a relationship, expect to have a few flings with some interesting and eccentric new people who will leave a lasting impression. With Venus—the love planet—forming a tense square to Uranus, any new relationships you strike up this month are likely to be exciting but brief. It may just be time to expand your horizons and welcome the exciting change that comes!

Pluto—your modern planetary ruler—will be surging through your 3rd house of communication, affecting your thought patterns. Watch out for obsessive and domineering tendencies. Rather than dominating conversations, try to present clear ideas and pick and choose when to present them. If you feel yourself getting frazzled, journaling and working with your thoughts can help. Try some compassion building exercises to break yourself out of a foul mood and change your perception. A simple mantra like “May I be happy, May I be peaceful, May I be free from suffering,” can actually do wonders. This is an opportunity for powerful self-evolution, stay positive and allow yourself to rebuild.

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On January 18, the radiant sun will form a conjunction with Pluto and hand you the keys to evolving your whole way of thinking. If you utilize this energy in a productive way, this aspect can help you bring positive changes to your life. Don’t worry about what anybody else is doing and release the impulse to control others. Focus on your own self-improvement and you will be amazed what you can accomplish!

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