Sagittarius—Your January Horoscope Predicts a Month Full of Creativity & Self Expression

Sagittarius—Your January Horoscope Predicts a Month Full of Creativity & Self Expression
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It’s time to create, create and then create some more, my fellow archers! Your Sagittarius horoscope for January 2023 paints a picture of a month full of confidence, inspiration and fun—not a bad way to start off the year. Give yourself full permission to express yourself completely.

Jovial Jupiter—your ruling planet—is having a blast in your 5th house of creation. Don’t wait to take on that new creative project. Instead, you should dive right into it! Love to paint but find yourself drawn to sculpture or writing or some new art medium? Follow that impulse! The things you make now will ring true because your most authentic self is emerging. There is no need to hide away—express yourself to the fullest. As long as you watch out for a domineering me-mentality, your confidence should improve your relationships, not hinder them. 

From your 3rd house of communication, the abundant sun in Aquarius shines down on Jupiter as of January 24. This is an ideal aspect for following through on your goals, especially ones related to travel or education. sun and Jupiter together grant you opportunities for growth, whether material or spiritual. You will feel inspired to develop yourself mentally and creatively. You will likely find yourself in fun social circles doing the things you love the most. Expect good luck and good times!

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Speaking of relationships, Mars retrograde is still surging through your 7th house of partnerships, creating an energetic if not tumultuous forecast for your intimate relationships. You may find yourself feeling restless and agitated. This is the time to come together with your loved ones to resolve disagreements as they arise. Mars may make you or your partner quick to anger. Look past your own needs to the big picture so you can learn from the conflict and make up equally as quickly. 

On January 9, romantic Venus smiles on and balances lively Mars’s energy with compassion and love. If you’re dating, this is a wonderful aspect for finding real companionship. The sexual drive and vitality brought on by Mars will also combine with the confidence of the sun on January 29, increasing your allure and charisma. This month, wherever you point that arrow, you are sure to hit the bullseye, Sag!

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