The “Ginny & Georgia” Character You Are, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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The “Ginny & Georgia” Character You Are, According to Your Zodiac Sign
Photo: Netflix.

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We’re back for another season of Netflix soap-drama Ginny & Georgia, but this time, there’s a plot twist. This murder mystery mixed with generational story-telling has all of us in a streaming chokehold and I’m here to give you another mind game to play: which Ginny & Georgia character resembles your zodiac sign? The only thing that could keep you on the edge of your seat more than an episode of Ginny & Georgia is knowing which character encapsulates your personality the most.

For those just catching the wave of our beloved Ginny and Georgia, the storyline follows a mother and daughter who moved to Massachusetts along with the other child, Georgia’s son Austin, after Austin’s father dies “suddenly”. The women befriend their neighbors, the Baker’s, multiple romantic suitors come forward for Georgia, and Ginny tries tirelessly to find herself in a rather traditional and secular town.

Everyone who experienced the early 2000’s knows how special it is to indulge in a timeless mother-daughter plot line (think Gilmore Girls, which Georgia even references her and Ginny as “the Gilmore Girls, but with bigger boobs”). There are secrets, fall-outs, break-ups, scandals and cheesy jokes seeded throughout this season. All of these things contain clues as to which character best represents each zodiac sign. Read on for your sun sign and your rising sign:

The Ginny & Georgia Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Ginny & Georgia | Austin | Netflix


Aries: You’re Austin

Battling with the death of his father, Austin is forced to start anew in Massachusetts with his mom and half-sister, Ginny. After dealing with bullying, Austin isn’t afraid to throw a punch—or as we saw this season, pull the trigger—much like Mars-ruled Aries energy while in its youthful years. He is navigating the world through fresh eyes, and as the sign that represents “The Fool” card in the Tarot, his whole life is about taking big leaps of faith and making radical changes that can sometimes be done on impulse and heightened emotion. 

Ginny & Georgia | Ellen Baker | Netflix


Taurus: You’re Ellen Baker

Ellen is the mom of Max and Marcus and neighbor of Ginny & Georgia. She is loyal, comforting, and reliable for both her family and friends, just like a Taurus! She’s also stubborn, we open the season with Georgia and Ellen still feuding, and Ellen stands strong to her stance. Her determination to make their home accessible to her hearing impaired husband, Clint, also shows how deeply loving, conscientious and thoughtful Taurus’ can be. 

Ginny & Georgia | Norah | Netflix


Gemini: You’re Norah

Norah is a fashionista and a social butterfly, these qualities both pertain to Gemini energy. Their witty and fast-paced minds are able to curate the best outfit, playlist or conversation starter (no matter who they’re around). However, her tendency to play into power dynamics and switch sides on her fellow MANG members gives dualistic Gemini energy. Her secret confusion and plotting in her own relationship gives light into how muddled the brain of a Mercurial can truly be.

Ginny & Georgia | Maxine | Netflix


Cancer: You’re Maxine

Maxine is larger than life and loves to be the center of attention, but she has a tendency to look at her emotions as fact rather than fleeting internal experiences. This quality screams Cancer! She is deeply enmeshed with her family and takes lying very seriously, as we see between her and Ginny once she finds out about her and Marcus’ secret love affair. She wants to know all of the ins-and-outs of everyone else’s experience, which gives total watery Cancer vibes.

Ginny & Georgia | Netflix


Leo: You’re Georgia

Georgia is show-stopping, loud, bright and sunny. Her theatrics just scream performer, which is peak Leo energy. And although not everyone gets to look into the softer side of a Leo, the ones who do witness a deeply sensitive and fragile being who simply wants to be loved. During the early years of Georgia’s life, she knew that she was destined for something more than the life that she had, and even through hardship, she still manages to smile, get dolled up and reach new heights in her career and personal life. She is the epitome of Leo energy!

Ginny & Georgia | Netflix


Virgo: You’re Ginny

Ginny is a teenager who oftentimes is more mature than her own mother. Being born to Georgia and her father, Zion, when they were only teenagers themselves adds to the pressure for Ginny to break generational curses and give herself the structure and stability that her parents never did. Virgo energy is represented by the maiden, the natural born healer of the zodiac, and there’s no one better suited for Virgo energy than Ginny herself. Even with microaggressions and judgment laced into the lines from her classmates, Ginny tends to stay meek and has a hard time standing up for herself, much like a non-confrontational Virgo. She encapsulates the “girl next door” energy that the maiden portrays, with her wild side lying dormant on the other side of a drink or feeling a sense of safety.

Ginny & Georgia | Abby | Netflix


Libra: You’re Abby

Abby is the sometimes air-headed and always lovable member of MANG. She lives in her own reality, and the ways that she misses social cues are so innocuous and adorable that you can’t help but want her around more often! She gives off lovely, charming, sociable Libra energy to a T. She is willing to hide her pain in order to keep others happy, and although this isn’t a trait we want to encourage in Libra placements, it does tend to be their natural disposition. 

Ginny & Georgia | Marcus | Netflix


Scorpio: You’re Marcus

Marcus is the mysterious bad boy of every high school girl’s dreams. He is an outcast who typically has something snarky and existential, typecast Scorpio behavior. He is focused on expressing his sexuality and starts the dynamic with Ginny off in this way with a dash of non-attachment, all to avoid being vulnerable, or better yet, hurt. He is deeply passionate about the things that he sets his sights on: whether that be guitar, hitting a punchline just perfectly or Ginny herself… does anything scream Scorpio more than that intensity?

Ginny & Georgia | Zion | Netflix


Sagittarius: You’re Zion

Zion is the human equivalent of trying to nail Jell-O to a tree. He is focused on his creative endeavors, and even deep into his adult years, he navigates the world as a free bird. Ginny looks to him as a reliable and trustworthy parent, but she registers him as an absent parent. Hell, Zion even *looks* like a Sagittarius! He attracts attention wherever he goes, even the hallways of Ginny’s school, prompting her to say “in the next life, I want ugly parents”. He seduced Georgia and created a fantastical idea of what their life together would be like, with the inability to commit and settle down, which is not uncommon for Sagittarius men.

Ginny & Georgia | Mayor Paul Randolph | Netflix


Capricorn: You’re Mayor Paul Randolph

Paul is the handsome, articulate, and well-established politician that every Capricorn dreams of becoming. He is a reliable source for Georgia, even when she may be the one in the wrong. He is cold and calculating in moments when he has to lay down the law or get ahead, true Capricorn energy! He is focused on being a leader, in both his community and his household. “You are in my town” is an iconic, powerful, and spot-on statement to utter from the mouth of a sea goat, and Mayor Paul Randolph is full of intimidating one-liners. 

Ginny & Georgia | Hunter | Netflix


Aquarius: You’re Hunter

Hunter is truly one-of-a-kind and doesn’t like to follow the beat of anyone’s drum but his own. Writing his own songs, dancing through the halls, and use of social media apps and filters gives trend-setting Aquarius energy. They don’t care if other people consider their behavior “cringe”, they simply move through life authentically, and oftentimes ahead of the crowd. His hairstyles, clothing, and behavior all scream “I’ll do what I please, I don’t care who’s on my side!”.

Ginny & Georgia | Joe | Netflix


Pisces: You’re Joe

Joe is a sensitive and understanding boss, friend and neighbor. This season, he’s focused on health, supporting local farmers, and apparently, know-it-all moms? His overly-romanticized view of the world around him leads him to feel heartbreak, confusion and disillusionment (a telltale sign of Pisces energy in someone’s chart). He put Georgia on a pedestal from the moment they met and being unable to pull his head out of the clouds has left him aimlessly wandering on the pursuit of love and romance. He knows how to sniff out great vintage finds, great music, and whether or not his teenage employees have been indulging in recreational drugs. Who’s more Pisces than Joe?

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