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‘Manifest’s Melissa Roxburgh Tries To Recap Michaela’s ‘Messy’ Relationships In Under 2 Minutes

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‘Manifest’s Melissa Roxburgh Tries To Recap Michaela’s ‘Messy’ Relationships In Under 2 Minutes

Sophie Hanson

Throughout the missing-plane drama Manifest, Melissa Roxburgh‘s character Michaela Stone’s love life is increasingly messy.

Viewers were left on an enormous cliffhanger at the end of season three and, given the fourth and final season has just landed on Netflix, we thought it would be fun to see how much of the story Roxburgh remembers. We asked her to recap the first three seasons in under two minutes, and she did! Pretty successfully, we might add, though with 42 episodes, we can forgive her for not remembering some details. “OK, every character has such a complex storyline I actually forget the answer to that one,” she told StyleCaster when we asked her to comment on certain fan theories of the show. “Especially over 20 episodes [in season 4], there are so many things that happen.” Michaela’s love life is one of her anchors and it gets… complicated as Roxburgh explains.

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In season one, Michaela boards Montego Air flight 828 to New York, leaving a proposal from her boyfriend Jared unanswered. The plane disappears and turns up miraculously five-and-a-half years later—here’s the kicker: the passengers aboard thought only minutes of turbulence had passed and they haven’t aged a day. They’re also experiencing these mysterious voices, which they name “callings”, compelling them to go on adventures and complete certain tasks. One draws Michaela to rescue a frozen man in a cave, Zeke, with whom she finds a soul connection, falls in love with him and gets married while she still has feelings for Jared and vice versa. See, we told you this was messy.

But the whole point of the show, Roxburgh explains, is that the passengers of flight 828 need to know what happened to them and why. Secretly, too, because the government gets involved as well as a fundamentalist Christian subplot and things become “chaotic”. She also tried to explain her thoughts on the love triangle between Michaela, Jared and Zeke and who she would want Michaela to end up with, though *spoiler alert* it does not end well for one of them.

Manifest season 4 is available to stream on Netflix. Watch StyleCaster’s “Rapid Recap” with Melissa Roxburgh above.

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